Sell My Car

we help you sell your car vehicle
Don't sell your car to a wholesaler, and get close to nothing for it, consider doing it yourself!

We are here to help you sell your car, and to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Not only do we photograph your vehicle but we can also set up and manage your ads online. 

Photography starting from $149 this includes:

  • 15-25 Photos of your vehicle edited and resized if needed.
  • Up to a minute long Video for YouTube (YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet)
  • A 360 Photograph/Video of the inside of your vehicle
  • Price board for your window with QR Code

We can also upload these photos to the internet for you, the more websites your ad is on the higher the chance of you selling your vehicle quickly (and you'll generally get more cash for it as you'll have a lot more people trying to buy it).

Fully managed ads starting from $399 which includes:

  • Editing and putting your ads online.
  • This includes all the costs involved with opening an account with the classified websites below.
  • We write your ads with keyword rich content.
  • Upload to multiple websites (see below) extending your reach as far as possible.
  • Bonus: All ads include a Facebook boosted post to everyone in your local area.

We post your photos to the following:

Help you sell it on Carsales

Help you sell it on Trading Post

Help you sell it on Carsguide

Help you sell it on Gumtree
Help you sell it on Facebook marketplace groups

To discuss what other options we offer, please fill out our Contact Form and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP.